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Peanuts, August 8, 1981

I love the way Schulz drew clouds and the sun in this Peanuts

Me too. One thing to note: Schulz actually had a hand tremor. He once complained (supposedly in the 1980s, the same decade this strip was drawn, although I can’t find the exact source) that “sometimes my hand shakes so much I have to hold my wrist to draw.”  I’m not sure when it really started to show in his work. If you pick up a collection like A Golden Celebration, you can definitely see that his line gets more wobbly and loose over the years, but things are still reasonably tight in the 80s. (It’s hard to tell, honestly, since the drawings were always so reduced for the paper. You can see how big he worked here.) Might have to add Schulz to my list of artists whose physical shortcomings led to signature work.
Regardless, these panels rule.
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Instead of redesigning the glassware in their recent collaboration with Walt Disney Japan,nendo focused on the lids.

Werner the Herzog


Werner The Herzog

Magisterial. (via @moleitau)